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Vol. 2, Issue 2 (February 2013)

Papers are being invited from the authors/researchers for publication in the IJERSTE Vol. 2, Issue 2, February 2013. Manuscripts are being uploaded soon after the Reviewer's decision and submission of copyright form & Processing charges by the Author. Many of the manuscripts are under review. The issue will be finalized on 8th March, 2013 due to some Author's request and pending manuscripts.

Downloads :-

Using Reflection anomalies to detect radioactive contaminations in Nineveh Governorate Northern Iraq

Hekmat S. AL-Daghastani, (MOSUL),


Dynamic Programming Model based on Cost Minimization algorithms for Thermal Generating Units

Navpreet Singh Tung, Ashutosh Bhadoria, Kiranpreet Kaur, Simmi Bhadauria

  DOI :

Defining Hybrid Distributed Shared Memory Consistency Models on Unified Framework

Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Krishna Kumar,



Nitish Chopra, Er. Vikram Kumar Kamboj,


The Novel Design of Cascade Multilevel Inverter Topology for Solar PV System

S. Karthik, Dr. J. kanakaraj,


Mathematical Model of Reliability Assessment for Traffic Control System

Er. Priyanka Sharma, Er. Silki Baghla, Er. Sukhdeep Kaur, Er.Vikram Kamboj


Machining Response in Turning Aluminium Composite LM13 With 15% SiC

Sahib Singh, Kapil Singh, Dr. R. K. Bhushan,


Future Energy

Sumeet Bhardwaj, Er. Vikram Kumar Kamboj,


Obstacles and Challenges of Opinion Mining of Customers Reviews

Mubarak Himmat, Naomie Salim, (MALAYSIA),


A New Solution for Security in MANET with the RAODV protocol

Najiya Sultana, S. S. Sarangdevot,