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Volume 12, Issue 3 (March 2023)

Call For Papers, IJERSTE, Vol. 12, Issue 3, March 2023, Impact Factor: 7.957, UGC Approved, International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journal. Published papers will be indexed in Google Scholar, Thomson Reuters researcherid, Endnotes, Orcid and Various search engines worldwide like Google, Yahoo, UK Index, Europeana Libraries, Open Research, Get-cited Entire Web and many more. Fast Publications Services within 1-2 days.

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Fusion Classes of non-abelian metabelian groups of order upto 24

Muniya, Harsha Arora

  DOI :

Visualization and Explorative Data Analysis

Dr. Tarak Hussain, Dr. PS Athal

  DOI :

Studies on the Effect of Pine oil as an Emulsifier on Gasoline-Alcohol Blends in Multipoint Fuel Injection SI Engine: A Review

K. George Melangton, K. Siva Satya Mohan, B. Satish, M. Satya Sai Kumar, B. Ashok, S. Surya Manikanta

  DOI :

Unveiling the Architecture and Design of the John F. Kennedy Space Centre -
A Comprehensive Case Study

Ar. Quazi Unaib Ahmad Mumtazoddin, Ar. Awais Khan, Ar. Syed Sajid Ali

  DOI :

Effects of Regular Sleeping Routine: Study on Sleep Quality

Chang Wang Ho Moses

  DOI :

Effect of Daylighting Design on Sunlight Accessibility and Visual Comfort in Top-Lit Atriums for Business Building Structures

Dr. (Professor) Shashi Saxena

  DOI :

Research on Stem Cell Properties being Potentially Therapeutic for Patients with
Pancreatic Cancer

Juliana M. Rabanal (Peru)

  DOI :

Recognition of Intrusion Risk in New Emerging Threats

T. Sree Lakshmi, S. Shahin sulthana, S.Vyshnavi, R.Vishnu Vardhan, A.Vamsee, G. Praveen Kumar

  DOI :

New Curse of West Bengal?

Sanjana Nayak

  DOI :

The Rise of an old Killer in India?

Ankit Mitra

  DOI :