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Vol.1, Issue 2 (November 2012)

Papers are being invited from the authors/researchers for publication in the IJERSTE Vol. 1, Issue 2, November 2012. Due to some Author's request, the issue will be finalized on 5th December, 2012.

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Design & Characterization of Microstrip Balanced Mixer

Manidipa Nath,

  DOI :

Design and experiments on series fed conformal microstrip antenna array

Manidipa Nath, AIACTR Delhi,

  DOI :

FDTD Modelling of Lorentzian DNG metamaterials using Approx-Decoupling Method based on the Unconditionally-Stable C-N Scheme

Saptarshi Mukherjee, Subrata Karmakar,

  DOI :

A Case Study of Various Constraints Affecting Unit Commitment in Power System Planning

Er. Amit Bhardwaj, Prof. R. K. Sharma, Er. Ashutosh Bhadoria,

  DOI :

Accurate and energy efficient cluster based partial multihop localization scheme for WSN based on antithetic markov process

M. Vasim Babu, Dr. A.V.Ramprasad,

  DOI :

Nanotechnology : An Emerging Future Trend in Wastewater Treatment with its Innovative Products and Processes

Vikas Sharma, Akhilesh Sharma,

  DOI :

Prevention of Privacy Threats in Social Networking Sites

Gurpreet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Neha Kohli

  DOI :

Strategic modeling for diagnosis & annihilation of cancer cells with nanobubbles developed from multimode fiber optic based nanosensors

Saikat Das, Finland,

  DOI :

A multiple facial emotion detection based on Back Propagation Neural Network and PCA

Mr. EM. Ashok krishna, Dr. K. Subrmani,

  DOI :

The secure and energy efficient in Geocast for mobile ad hoc networks using clusters

Mr. M. Prakash, Dr. K. Subrmani,

  DOI :