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Vol. 5, Issue 5 (May 2016)

Call For Papers, Vol. 5, Issue 5, May-2016, Impact Factor: 2.371 International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journal. Published papers will be indexed in Thomson reuters researcherid and numerous search engines worldwide like Google, Yahoo, UK Index, Europeana Libraries, Open Research, GetCited Entire Web and many more...

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Clinical, microbiological and immunological relationship in Candida induced denture stomatitis

Dr. Hadeel Salman Alazzawi, Prof. Jamal Noori Ahmed, Assist Prof. Ahmed Sameer Alnuaimi, (IRAQ),


A Significant Analysis of Multi-regional and Multi-Lingual site on Multiple Servers

Satinder Singh, Dr. Amit Goel,


Important Attributes in JIT Purchasing

Pardeep, Sh. Vijay Kumar,


Modified Heat Cured Acrylic Resin Denture Base Material: Residual Monomer

Inas A.M. Jawad, Rizgar M. A. Hasan, Ammar A. Al-Hamdani, (IRAQ),


Modelling of PV Module with MPPT algorithm implemented with BOOST Converter

Amit Gosain,


Propsed Adaptive Multiuser Detection for Estimation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Kajal, Ms Bhawna,


On the Derivation of the Coordinates of Coupler Points in Spherical Mechanisms

Ziya Ozçelik, Ziya Şaka, (TURKEY),


Modified Bat Algorithm (MBA) on non-linear programming

Dr.Eman Tarik Hamed, Mahammed Ahmed Shihab, Elaf Sulaiman Khaleel, (IRAQ),


An Experimental Analysis and Solution of Single Area Unit Commitment Problem in Electrical Power System

Sandeep Soni, Mamta Rani,


A Review: Image Edge Unmasking by Applying Renovated and Colony Optimization Technique

Payal Hooda, Ms Pooja Ahlawat,