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Volume 10, Issue 1 (January 2023)

Papers are being invited from the authors/researchers for publication in IJERMDC, ISSN: 2349-1590, Vol. 10, Issue 1, January-2023, Impact Factor: 7.125. Manuscripts are being uploaded soon after the Reviewer's decision and submission of copyright form & Processing charges by the Authors. Many of the manuscripts are under review. IJERMDC is indexed in Thomson Reuters Researcherid, Orcid, Google Scholar, Research gate and many more indexing libraries.

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Endodontic Management of Mandibular Second Molar with Vertucci Type II Canal Configuration: A Case Report

Dr. Anil K T, Dr. Ayan G, Geetika S, Dr. Kanika, Dr. Swati S, Dr. Pritish R, Dr. Anooja V C

  DOI :

Association Of Food Related Taboos With Socio-Demographic Variables Among Pregnant Women

Dr. Tejasvi Arjaria, Dr. Varuna Pathak, Dr. Neha Rajput

  DOI :

Endodontic Management of Mandibular First premolar with Vertucci Type II Canal Configuration: A Case Report

Dr. Anil K Tomer, Dr. Swati Saurabh, Dr. Geetika Sabharwal, Dr. Ayan Guin

  DOI :

A review on Heparin as a therapy for COVID-19 patients and increase the patient’s survival

Vishva Nanthakumar, Jency Cesilraj

  DOI :

Effect of Group Based Guided Imagery to Reduce Stress among Women in Small Scale Industries

Mrs. P. Punitha, Dr. M. Arunkumar, Ms. M. Shobana

  DOI :

Effect of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy to reduce Fear of Failure among School Students

Mrs. P. Punitha, Dr. M. Arunkumar, Ms. R. Sneha

  DOI :

Recent and Conventional Concepts of Mechanical Plaque Control Aids in Children–A Literature Review

Dr. Tanvi Jindal, Dr. Nikhil Srivastava, Dr. Vivek Rana, Dr. Noopur Kaushik

  DOI :

Role of Pathogens in Pulmonary Fungal Infection – A Review

Priyanka Tanwar*, Mamta Naagar, Manish Kumar Maity

  DOI :

Pattern of Developmental Dental Anomalies in Patients Visiting the Tertiary Hospital

Dr. Iccha Kumar Maharjan, Dr. Jyotsna Rimal, Dr. Navin Agrawal

  DOI :

A study to evaluate the Effectiveness of Spirometry on Lung capacity of Post Covid -19 patients admitted in People’s hospital Bhopal (M.P.)

Ruchi Thakur, Prof Alka Rai, Lt. Col. Rekha Rani Gupta

  DOI :