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Volume 8, Issue 9 (September 2021)

Papers are being invited from the authors/researchers for publication in IJERMDC, ISSN: 2349-1590, Vol. 8, Issue 9, September-2021, Impact Factor: 7.125. Manuscripts are being uploaded soon after the Reviewer's decision and submission of copyright form & Processing charges by the Authors. Many of the manuscripts are under review. IJERMDC is indexed in Thomson Reuters Researcherid, Orcid, Google Scholar, Research gate and many more indexing libraries.

Downloads :-

Comparison of Dexmedetomidine Vs Midazolam for Conscious Sedation During Awake Fibreoptic Intubation in Patients with Anticipated Difficult Intubation

Dr. Rajeev Singh, Dr. Shobha Ujwal

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.09.01

Direct pulp capping with a bioactive dentine substitute

Dr. Ritika Satija, Dr. Akshay Pahwa, Dr. Divyam Girdhar

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.09.02

Synthesis, Characterization And Antimicrobial Activity of Novel Isatin Carboxamide Derivative

S. Janet Beula, Dr. T. Rama Mohan Reddy

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.09.03

Inbody Technology techniques used for assessing the changes in the body composition of body building trainers on dietary Protein and Protein Supplements

Fatima Algamati, Asma Ahmed, Haneen Ali, Isam Danna, Ali Ateia Elmabsout*

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.09.04

Laser Hazards & Safety in Dentistry

Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr. Vivek Malik

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.09.05