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Volume 9, Issue 5, Sep-Oct (September 2021)

Papers are being invited from the Authors/Researchers for IJERED, Impact Factor: 7.326, Vol. 9, Issue 5, Sept-Oct, 2021. Many of the manuscripts are under review. Published papers will be indexed in numerous search engines worldwide like Thomson Reuters Researcherid, Orcid, Google, Yahoo, UK Index, Europeana Libraries, Open Research, GetCited Entire Web and many more.

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Loss of Paradise: A Critical Analysis of Kashmir Imbroglio in Salman Rushdie‟s Shalimar the Clown And Arundhati Roy‟s The Ministry of
Utmost Happiness

Amrit K. Samra

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.01

Age of entry to Grade 1 and school readiness – its effects on learners‟ academic achievements

Radhamoney Govender (SOUTH AFRICA)

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.02

An Analysis of Relationship among Feedback, Motivation & Achievement of Elementary Level Students in Language Learning

Mahasweta Mishra

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.03

Attitude of Female Trainees Towards Vocational Tailoring Training

Dr. Pushpa Kumari

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.04

A Study on Socio-Economic Status of Budgajangama Nomadic Community in Hyderabad Karnataka

Dr. Doddamani Lokaraja. A. K.

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.05

Need of Value Based School Education in India

Dr. Brahmananda Nayak, Ramakant Tripathi, Prof. (Dr.) Pawan Kumar Jain

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.06

Mallu Styled Online News Headlines of Celebs

Anupama T

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.07

Study Of Selected Yogic Practices, Aerobic And Anaerobic Training Programs On Football And Kho-Kho Players

Ramakant Tripathi, Prof. (Dr.) Srikanta Mishra

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.08

पं. दीनदयाल उपाध्याय के एकात्म मानव दर्शन के शिक्षा संबंधी मूल तत्व

प्रतिभा उपाध्याय

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.09

The study of land utilisation patterns in different divisions of Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Anju Sharma

  DOI : http://www.doi.ed/21.09.10