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Vol. 10, Issue 4 (April 2021)

Call For Papers, IJERMCA, Vol. 10, Issue 4, April-2021, Impact Factor: 7.751, UGC Approved, International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journal. Published papers will be indexed in Google Scholar, Thomson Reuters researcherid, Endnotes, Orcid and Various search engines worldwide like Google, Yahoo, UK Index, Europeana Libraries, Open Research, Get-cited Entire Web and many more. Fast Publications Services within 1-2 days. #ugc approved journals india, #ugc approved journal call for papers 2020, #international journal of research, #list of journals to publish research papers, #paper publication journal list, #list of journals for paper publication, #paper publication in ugc approved journals.

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A Study on Consumer Psychology of Adolescents Towards Advertisement

J. Varsha, Ms. A.Sathya

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.04.01

A Study on Positive Shades of Covid-19 Lockdown at Ranipet

S. Divya, Mr. B. Elumalai

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.04.02

Financial and Operational Performance Analysis of NABARD

Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, Dr. J.K. Chandel

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.04.03

Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) impact on energy cooperation between China and Russia

Natalia Andreeva, Professor Mu LingLing

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.04.04

A Study on Consumer Psychology towards online product services at Ranipet District

J. Archana, Mr. A. Ashokan

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.04.05

Quality of work-life balance among Teachers in Education Institutions

V. Ezhilarsi, Dr. S. Lakshmi

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.04.06

Overview of Africa’s Natural Resources and its Investment Opportunities

Boahen Isaac

  DOI : http://www.doi.mdc/21.04.07