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Volume 8, Issue 1 (January 2019)

Call For Papers, Vol. 8, Issue 1, January-2019, Impact Factor: 3.578 International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journal. Published papers will be indexed in numerous search engines worldwide like Thomson Reuters Researcherid, Orcid, Google, Yahoo, UK Index, Europeana Libraries, Open Research, GetCited Entire Web and many more... IJERMCA Journal is indexed in UGC List of Journals as well as many national and international libraries.

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The Role and Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Development of Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) Model: An Analytical View

Soumitra Joshi, Dr. Babasaheb R. Sangale,

  DOI :

The Role of service sector in Indian Economy

Namita Sharma,

  DOI :

A Study on online Consumer Marketing and its Effectiveness of Various Tools and Techniques across Industries

Dr. Moumita Ghosh

  DOI :

Socio - Economic and the Health Status of Rural Households in Kerala: A Case Study of Malappuram District

Krishnan Kutty. V

  DOI :

Digital Advertising and Its Usages in India

P. Ravindra, S. Sesha Talpa Sai, S. Vasu

  DOI :

Role of Tourism in Indian Economy: A review

Dr. Shihabudheen N, Mr. Shemeer Babu T

  DOI :

ആധുനിക സമൂഹ നിർമ്മിതിയിലെ വ്യക്തി സംഘർഷം
നൂറു സിംഹാസനങ്ങൾ എന്ന നോവലിൽ

Mr. Muneer O.K, Mr. Sreenath

  DOI :

Examination of Risk- Returns Characteristics of Five Major Stocks in Different Sector

Nisab T, Dr. Umesh U

  DOI :

Debt-Related Deaths in Kerala: An Analysis of NCRB Data and the Role of Interest-Free Alternatives

Dr. Shihabudheen N

  DOI :

The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Study of A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea

Sini. K

  DOI :