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VOL. 2, ISSUE 3, MAY-JUNE (June 2014)

Papers are being invited from the Authors/Researchers for IJERED, current issue, MAY-JUNE, 2014. The issue will be fully published on 30th June, 2014. The uploading of manuscripts are continued for the current issue.

Downloads :-

International Business: An Analysis

Anokhi, Neeraj Kumar,


Financial Inclusion in India

Anu Malhotra,


Emergence and Protection of Brand Equity

Anu Malhotra,


Attitude of college teachers towards web based learning

Ranjit Singh,


Role of perfect motivation in enhancing the quality of coaching

Rekha Narwal,


Innovation of assistive technologies in Special Education: A Review

Anna Felicia, Sabariah Sharif, W. K. Wong, Muralindran Marriappan, (MALAYSIA),


On an Irreducibility Theorem of A. Cohn

Archana Malik,


An Innovative Learning Cycle in Problem-Based Learning

Hussain Othman, Berhannuddin M. Salleh, Abdullah Sulaiman, (MALAYSIA),


A Novel e-Learning Model Management System Based on Business Intelligence Tools and WSN Technology

F. Z. El. Kho, A. Tahiri, N. Aknin, K. E. El. Kadiri, (MOROCCO),


Communicative Competence-Based Syllabus Design for Initial English Speaking Skills

Kaharuddin, Abd Hakim Yassi, Burhanuddin Arafah, Noer Jihad Saleh, (INDONESIA),