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Volume 8, Issue 5 (May 2019)

Call For Papers, Vol. 8, Issue 5, May-2019, International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journal. Published papers will be indexed in numerous search engines worldwide like Thomson Reuters Researcherid, Orcid, Google, Yahoo, UK Index, Europeana Libraries, Open Research, GetCited Entire Web and many more... IJERMCA Journal is indexed in UGC List of Journals as well as many national and international libraries.

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Integration of ICT in Teacher Education

Uma Sharma

  DOI :

Banking and Its Impact on local Consumers

Dr. Rekha Gupta,

  DOI :

Fractal Image Compression in DCT Domain in MATLAB

Neeraj Verma, Sapna Jain, Rajkumar Yadav,

  DOI :

A Comparative Study of Manufacturing and Service Sector Organizations to check effectiveness of Information Sharing and Communication at workplace between Employees and Organization

Ms. Shikha Brar, Dr. Anil Kumar,

  DOI :

A Study of Investor Awareness Level towards Mutual Funds

Renu Beniwal

  DOI :

Evaluation of the Impact of Significance of Population Dependence on the Agriculture on Indian Economy

Dr. Preeti Agrawal

  DOI :

Nifty Spot & Futures: An Empirical Study

Dr. Deven Mahajan

  DOI :

Process Costing Management

Dr. Bheem Sen Yadav

  DOI :

The Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters


  DOI :

Role of E-Commerce in Reducing Operational Cost


  DOI :