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Mathematical Model of Reliability Assessment for Traffic Control System, Page (114-120)

Er. Priyanka Sharma, Er. Silki Baghla, Er. Sukhdeep Kaur, Er.Vikram Kamboj Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 2012


Tanu Mittal, M. Phil. Scholar, Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 2012

STATCOM Analysis for improving Power Quality Constraints - A Literature Survey, Page (88-98)

Tarun Mittal, Navpreet Singh Tung, Ashish Dhar Diwan, Kotturu Janardhana Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 2012

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Klebsiella pneumonia and its Bio-Medical Applications, Page (33-39)

Amar Ratan, Ekta Gupta and R. Ragunathan, Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 2012

Experimental verification of Equilibrium-Stage and Rate-Based Simulations

Mohammad R. M. Abu-Zahra, Pieter J. Jansens, Jacob N. Knudsen, Earl L. V. Goetheer, (UAE) Vol.1, Issue 3, December, 2012

Machining Response in Turning Aluminium Composite LM13 With 15% SiC, Page (59-64)

Sahib Singh, Kapil Singh, Dr. R. K. Bhushan, Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 2012

Integrate Military with Distributed Cloud Computing and Secure Virtualization, Page-(27-31)

J. MOUNIKA REDDY, J. MARY MONIKA, Vol.1, Issue 1, October, 2012

DI Water Electrical Characteristics Monitoring Using in House Fabricated Polysilicon Nanoelectrode Based Transducer, Page (19-24)

B.Sharma Rao, U.Hashim, T.S.Dhahi, Tijjani Adam (MALAYASIA) Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 2012

Congestion Control in Manet using Efficient Local Route Repair Method, Page (25-32)

Kishan Singh Rao, Prof. Laxmi Shrivastava, Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 2012

Magnetic Levitation - A Review, Page-(80-87)

Ashish Dhar Diwan, India, Vol. 1, Issue 1, October, 2012