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Volume 6, Issue. 5 (May 2017)

Call For Papers, Vol. 6, Issue 5, May -2017, Impact Factor: 4.059 International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journal. Published papers will be indexed in Thomson Reuters researcherid, Endnotes, Orcid and Various search engines worldwide like Google, Yahoo, UK Index, Europeana Libraries, Open Research, Get-cited Entire Web and many more...

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Optimization of Two Way Helical Abrasive Flow Machining Using Taguchi Method

Naveen Antil, Mr. Amit Sharma,


Comparison of TNF-α Levels between Lingual & Labial Intrusion

Zaid B. AL-Dewachi, (IRAQ),


The Effect of Dried Plum on Orthodontic Micro-Implant Stability: An experimental study

Zaid Salim Twafeeq, Dr. Mustafa MuathHamed Al-Sultan, (IRAQ),


Performance and behavior analysis of bond among bituminous pavement layers

Ishan Hooda, Mrs. Monika,


Research Paper on Effect of Different Chemicals on the Compaction and Unconfined Strength of Fly Ash Lime Mix

Deepak, Anurag Rathee, Mrs. Monika,


Experimental Study on Single Area Unit Commitment Problem using hybrid optimization

Rajni, Ms. Kajal,


Static Structural and Steady State Thermal Analysis of Piston Using ANSYS

Raghuveer Singh, Bharat Bhushan,


Performance Evaluation of Convolution Encoder and Viterbi Decoder in Terms of Gap and Coding Gain Capicity for 1/N Code Rate Using Matlab

Parveen Sharma, Ms. Kajal,


Spectrophotometric Determination of Amoxicillin by Coupling with Diazotized m – Nitroaniline

Nabeel Sabeeh Othman, Rana Sámi AL-Saffar, (IRAQ),


Extraction of Chitosan from Iraqi Marine and Freshwater Crustaceans’ Shells

Hani M. Khlaif1, Mohammed K. Hasouni, (IRAQ),